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> 'That was a nice castle,' he thought sadly. 'Too bad.’

‘Rough justice,’ murmured Desdemona, … ‘If you want the other kind, you should’t draw the attention of the white god.'

> Tigney's cunning plan - get rid of the disobedient demon, 
> and the untrained embarrassment. Tigney really is a bit 
> too fond of order to work for the Bastard.

Tingey has turned into a bureaucrat, that is a common flaw for them.

> So, a huge scene, and a life-changing event - this really
> completes an action started on the road - Pen now is
> truly a sorcerer, accepted by the god. 

I thought of only 4 ways for this story to end:

1) The Order accepts his as a sorcerer and trains him properly
2) A Saint, with that ability, “swallows” the Desdemona (and sends her back to hell).
3) a very old and powerful demon yanks Desdemona out out Penric, damaging Penric’s mind in the process (but while there is such a demon in the outer reaches of the Rocknari Archipelago, it only demonstrated that ability with young demons - also, could a demon survive long enough in lands where the Bastard’s Order is an established part of the Temple system?).
4) Penric is killed and Desdemona taken as the prize.

"We have advanced to new and surprising levels of bafflement."
Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan describes progress in _Komarr_.
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