[LMB] Penric 15: Divine (?) Intervention

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> > From: "Tony Zbaraschuk" <tonyz at eskimo.com> 
> I'm focussing on Clee here. Not a wonderful sight, but worth a few questions. 
> > And Penric arrives there to find that Clee is before him.  It's interesting, 
> > though, that our viewpoint, via Pen, focuses entirely on Tigney and his 
> > reactions, which are extensively described.  Apparently Pen is no longer 
> > worried about Clee... 
> Why is Clee working for Tigney? His brother is the town's greatest threat. 
> Is he a spy, a double agent, a hostage? Does Tigney think he has turned 
> Clee to their cause, has Rusillon put Clee there as a spy? Why of all the 
> jobs he could be doing is he working as assistant to the town's spymaster? 
> His loyalties are obviously to his brother. Does Tigney realise this?

Beatrice Otter:
Clee is a bastard, and the Bastard's Order is the traditional employment for bastards.    Just like the Son's order or the Father's is probably the traditional employment for legitimate younger sons who won't inherit.  It's traditional.  And sometimes that means conflicting loyalties, and sometimes it doesn't, but this is the way the world works.  I betcha there are several other highborn bastards serving under Tigney, and that (until this event) Clee was neither more nor less trouble than any of them.

> Again on Clee - is he used to having some slightly higher status because 
> of his brother? Penric is a lord, after all, and a legitimate one. Does Clee 
> think his brother, and his link to his brother, will out-status that? Or does 
> he see his Temple status as more important? Everyone seems to discount 
> Penric because he's young, and quiet. But in worldly rank he's higher 
> than most of those around him (even a threadbare title is still a title - it 
> was worth a cheese baron's daughter.) And in Temple rank - well, he has 
> a demon. And he's not afraid to use it.

Beatrice Otter:
Oh, definitely Clee thinks everything runs on status.  Pen may be a legitimate lord, but a younger son from such a backwater that it doesn't really matter.  He's barely better than a commoner.  Clee is a bastard, but from a much higher-born family, and in a society where bastards have less stigma than they did through much of Europe's Early Modern era (which is where we get a lot of our ideas about how medieval societies work, even though early modern is NOT the same as medieval).  Also, there's status in the Temple.  Clee believes that you advance based on rank and wealth, and that he himself should have been promoted more quickly.  Pen's not even a part of that hierarchy.  Of course Clee believes himself more worthy of being a sorcerer!

Beatrice Otter 

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