[LMB] [LMB} The Incendiary Gat PlOT:

Alex Kwan litalex at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 16:59:30 GMT 2016


> On 4 Nov 2016, at 00:12, James M. BRYANT G4CLF <james at jbryant.eu> wrote:
> Eric misremembers the Incendiary Gat Plot:-
> >And then there was the Incendiary Gat Plot, involving sabotaging a bunch of
> >stored plasma arcs so that they would explode and take out the Auditor that
> >was inspecting the warehouse where they were being stored...
> In fact the Incendiary Gat Plot took place during the Time of Isolation,
> before plasma arcs were available on Barrayar. Count Voranradin was an

Bravo, as brilliant as the first!

little Alex

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