[LMB] Any chance of a new book, Lois?

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Thu Nov 3 23:37:59 GMT 2016

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>> thirded ..
>> and i hope that spencer will write another story in that universe
>She told one story - but eventually that world will develop the technology to allow for gender balance.   What would be the result?

I suspect the Matriarchy would continue, though men would gradually win
more rights (if our world is anything to judge by).

I suspect that evolutionary pressures would lead to gender balance
anyway- a significant gender imbalance in births leads to an advantage
for the minority gender that would enhance the reproductive success of
anyone producing a slightly higher ratio than the norm.  

Even species where there is a severe imbalance in the animals that get
to breed, the genders are roughly balanced numerically - anything else
creates an evolutionary pressure towards parity.
"..proper sport being football and cricket and nothing else.  Everything else is a game
or a pastime.  Except golf.  Which is an abomination, encouraging bloated publicans
and estate agents to waddle about a twee and artificial landscape in  lurid tight-fitting
pastel jumpers like pregnant Teletubbies."   Linda Smith, on sport.

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