[LMB] Any chance of a new book, Lois?

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Sat Nov 5 07:52:19 GMT 2016

Am 04.11.2016 um 15:25 schrieb Zan Lynx:
> On 11/4/2016 6:45 AM, Marc Wilson wrote:
>> If there is a gender imbalance in the population, a small tendency to
>> favour one sex of offspring over the other can be a slight advantage in
>> terms of evolutionary success.  And that's all it takes for the
>> incidence of that gene to increase in the population.
> And in A Brother's Price we see that happening. Jerin is from a family
> that produces more than average number of boys. That makes him a more
> desirable father. The larger number of boys from the Whistler family
> also spreads those genes farther.
> Although, since every male is needed and every male is reproducing, but
> is limited to his wives, the effect is less than if the females could
> freely choose from any male for each baby.

which they could via the creches / tomcathouses 8) (whorehouses for 
males) if the veneral disiease would be eliminated



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