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In _A Brother's Price,_ "whorehouses" for men did exist.  The men were kept
there more-or-less by force, and kept drugged up to keep them up (so to
speak).  Women who couldn't afford to buy husbands, and didn't have
brothers to trade for a husband, would use them.

Unfortunately, as I say, syphilis was apparently endemic if not epidemic,
and that made the "cribs" very dangerous for their inmates and their
patrons.  I've thought that what the world of _A Brother's Price_ needed
was a "Connecticut Yankee" figure, someone from another world who knew how
to do things...like make penicillin.  They could have also had telegraphs
and railroads, at least unless iron and steel were much rarer than in our

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> ok .. this makes it clearer ..
> thx
> servus
> markus
> Am 04.11.2016 um 19:41 schrieb Matthew George:
>> Consider the extreme cases, markus.
>> Let's say there are lots of women and very few men.  The women may all
>> reproduce, but the few men will have very many children.  So a genetic
>> variation that leads to an increased number of male children will tend to
>> spread itself rapidly, because male offspring produce more offspring
>> themselves than female.
>> Let's say there are lots of men and very few women.  Even if the women are
>> 'shared', most men aren't going to reproduce, not even once.  Women can't
>> produce all that many kids, but every female is guaranteed to reproduce.
>> So a variation that leads to more female children is going to have a
>> distinct advantage.
>> Matt G.
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