[LMB] Which is more painful? Memory v Komarr

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Sun Nov 6 10:40:57 GMT 2016

The Little Egret asks me about my 3D printer
experience WRT Miles's expensive tailor.

When I download someone else's design, even
one that allows variability, I find that too
often what I can vary is not what I need to

So such designs are useful for ideas, but
frequently I can only use them as a basis
for a new design which does what *I* need,
not what the original designer thinks I'll

So I suspect that Miles's deformities are
such as to require a tailor who'll do much
the same sort of thing. But once he's done
it I'll bet that he sends a file to a
machine to do the actual manufacturing.

James - printing a somosa cutter today

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