[LMB] 3D Printer CAD/CAM OT: (WAS:- Which is more painful?)

baur baur baur at chello.at
Mon Nov 7 11:02:31 GMT 2016

thank you - and sorry to all for soaking up list bandwidth ..

the reason for my questions is that we thinking of branching into 3d printing in
our company (plastic molding) and i am wondering how far our existing software
setups are capable for this (we are using SolidEdge 3D CAD, AutoCAD for 2D CAD,
and NX5 for milling / EDM CAM planning) - our CAD software should  handle that
all well, but i have to check if NX5 can do the layer slicing)



>     "James M. BRYANT G4CLF" <james at jbryant.eu> hat am 7. November 2016 um
> 10:34 geschrieben:
>     Markus now asks about my CAD/CAM.
>     Sketchup (free version) - I find my ~60
>     year old school geometry useful to make
>     complex shapes and have the useful knack
>     of visualising 3D stuff.
>     If the thing is complex I use TurboCAD
>     to make 2D third angle drawings which
>     I then print out and use for reference
>     as I create my Sketchup object(s).
>     Makerware slicer (keep meaning to go
>     to Sailfish firmware but no time for
>     the learning curve right now).
>     James - now printing the legs-torso
>     and legs-base attachments for the
>     armature
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