[LMB] Penric's Mission (no spoilers) Map?

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>I've found maps in ebooks to be useless in their tiny miniatures, worse 
>than the fine print on a baby's medicine label. Perhaps a pointer to a 
>URL which can enlarged, which can't be done easily to a graphic in 
>One ballot measure had, on the ballot itself, a URL for more info. My 
>son found it, wondering what they were thinking since pushing on text 
>on paper doesn't get you to a browser window. Rather like, when calling 
>PG&E to get info on a power outage, the phone tree directs you to the 
>website for more info. Not thinking clearly, there.
With a Kindle, left click on the illustration or map and hold it until a 
+ sign appears. Then left click on the + sign and the illustration will 
expand to fill the entire Kindle window. Not the best, but better than 
As to multiple readers, I believe that there is a family option for 
Kindle. I think that that allows multiple readers. As I am alone, I 
never explored that setting.


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