[LMB] 3D Printer CAD/CAM OT:

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Tue Nov 8 11:11:40 GMT 2016

Der Markus explains:-

 >The reason for my questions is that we thinking of branching into 
3d printing in
 >our company (plastic molding) and i am wondering how far our 
existing software
 >setups are capable for this (we are using SolidEdge 3D CAD, AutoCAD 
for 2D CAD,
 >and NX5 for milling / EDM CAM planning) - our CAD software 
should  handle that
 >all well, but i have to check if NX5 can do the layer slicing).

A quick Google tells me that SolidEdge can export STL files (I did 
not follow up
to see how easy it is to do). All the slicers (software that prepares 
data files
for 3D printers) that I have encountered will accept STL files as input. So all
should be fairly simple.

James - who is happy to slice and print an STL file if Markus sends him one
(Object should be smaller than 150 mm cube)

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