[LMB] A quote from _A Civil Campaign_

Walter Bushell proto at panix.com
Tue Nov 8 13:20:24 GMT 2016

"Yes, it's not good for a District to leave its Countship empty for so long." One corner of Miles's mouth turned up. "After all, you wouldn't want the proles to figure out they could live without us."
 <>René's brows twitched acknowledgment of the jibe. "Your Betan blood is showing, Miles."
 <>"No, only my Betan upbringing."
 <>"Biology isn't destiny?"
 <>"Not anymore, it's not."

A little political these days perhaps, so please to avoid going any closer

The whole book is political.

But what a nice  foreshadowing (in the sense of the Duke of Wellington’s statement that 
the defeat of Napoleon was a “Damn nice thing”. Nice meaning close or
precise here.

She was willing to change gender for the benefit of Barrayar in general and her district
in particular. 

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