[LMB] [LMB} The Incendiary Ghat PlOT:

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 8 14:37:54 GMT 2016

And the Incendiary Cat-Plot, a sad moment in history when the
Vorkosigan pet cemetery was situated too close to a fuel pipe, which
leaked and gradually saturated the whole plot with highly flammable
fuel. A passing armsman carelessly tapped out his pipe on the fence
as he went past, and the ensuing explosion and fire cause ImpSec to
scramble their Imperial protection squads.

On the bright side, they rounded up a dozen Komarran plotters, two
Cetagandan spies and a Jacksonian clone-dealer.

But Aral and Cordelia had a hard time explaining it all to young Miles,
who was convinced that Fluffles had gone to Hell for eating the budgie.

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