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Elected mayor. Remember? Harra's husband replaced Speaker Karal, not his sons.

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On 11/08/2016 04:50 PM, Sylvia McIvers wrote:
> That's not Betan blood or Betan upbringing.  That's pure practical
> experience as a VorK:  When the count's away, and away and away and away,
> the proles will -not- play, they'll figure out some sort of solution so
> they can get to !@#$ work.

Aral probably appointed someone he trusted as his Voice, to represent
his District in the CoC.

And like Count Vorpatril, he probably had appointed a lot of local
judges, courts and law officers to handle the serious governmental business.

Tsipsis might have been running economic development, road construction
and other infrastructure, business permits, etc.

For the rest, I imagine villages and towns had their own councils,
mayors and the like. Those might be elected or inherited or purchased,
or maybe a mixture of everything.

I am sure Cordelia would have pushed to make sure people had the option
to change or move away from local governments that were being a problem.
And she and Aral may have had some sort of constitution or guidelines in
place that all the Vorkosigan subordinate governments had to follow. A
kind of bill of rights maybe.

If some hill village _likes_ their hereditary mayor, and they all have
the option of calling for a referendum under the Count's protection in
case of problems, there would be no reason for them to have a democratic
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