[LMB] A quote from _A Civil Campaign_

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Wed Nov 9 05:21:41 GMT 2016

On 11/8/2016 8:09 PM, Pat Mathews wrote:
> Elected mayor. Remember? Harra's husband replaced Speaker Karal, not his sons.

Well yes, in that one village. We only saw the one. Do we know that 
every group that lives in the Vorkosigan District uses the same government?

Even in a single state in the US, some cities use a mayor, others have a 
council. Some have their own police, appointed by the city, others elect 
a sheriff who handles the county and the city.

I really think that given that Barrayar is ruled by an Emperor and 
Counts who have great autocratic power, the probability is high that 
this is present in many local governments as well.

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