[LMB] SP: Favorite line in "Penric's Mission"

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 17:35:17 GMT 2016

My hypothesis for why demons don't jump at the chance to re-enter animals:

The demon can maintain a congeries of identities far more complex than the
nervous system of their host, but they can only utilize as much mind as
their host can maximally permit.  So a demon bound to a fish is no smarter
than that fish, even if that demon has incorporated dozens of genius human
beings.  Thus, all of the clever strategies that might be opened up by
jumping into a bird or a rat aren't done in practice, because those animals
aren't smart enough for any plans previously formulated to be carried out.

One of the reasons Desdemona's behavior is so complex, then, is that Penric
is on the brighter end of the distribution, and can make more of their
innate capabilities available to them.

It's entirely possible there are demons in the deep oceans, thousands of
years old, that have done nothing but leap from fish to fish for countless

Matt "ia ia R'lyeh fhtagn" G.

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