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It is very peripheral to this discussion, but the Japanese short sword referenced is a wakizashi, written 脇差   In kanji or as わきざし  in phonetic Japanese script. My apologies if this info seems merely pedantic. 

The information about the misericorde was quite interesting and appreciated. 


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Kirsten E. asks about "the word for that small cross-shaped knife knights would carry in the event of comrades w/gut wounds & etc."

It's misericorde. 
amf: I knew only--or could call to mind--about the Japanese shorter sword called a wakazashi, and that "Florentine style" sword fighting had a shorter "main gauche" (why is that in French?) blade, which in right-handed fighters would be in the left hand. I of course would have it in my right hand.

Jerrie, I took Old French (mostly langue d'oïl) in college, which I enjoyed, and was able to grok much easier than most of the other students in the class. I went to one study session where we were supposed to be translating to French or to English (can't recall), and all the other women (can't recall if there were any men in that class) were working laboriously. I was so frustrated with their speed and likely lack of intuitional leaps that I never went to one again. I tried to tell them my answers, but no, they had to work it out the hard way. Grrr.

I didn't realize at the time that I had a gift for languages. I had half a semester of Latin, was reared Catholic pre-Vatican II, absorbing Church Latin vocabulary; and a recent year of Spanish, with living in a state where there are many Spanish speakers. I can almost talk about food in full sentences in Spanish, once I think it out, at this remove from college, but I can understand more words: no grammar really remains, and my sister, son, and I want to take a class. That will have to wait until I have a car again.

I think it was one of the Latin profs, who knew I was taking Old French concurrently, who said it was closer to modern Spanish than to Latin. I think I read some Occitan. I can pretty much make out the Occitan in Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy.

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