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Hilary Powers hilary at powersedit.com
Thu Nov 10 17:03:32 GMT 2016

On 11/10/2016 5:18 AM, Walter Bushell wrote:
> Revelations tells us the Jesus Christ is the morning star. Is that Venus or the weapon?! I hadn’t heard the weapon called that.
>> On Nov 9, 2016, at 7:15 PM, Hilary Powers <hilary at powersedit.com> wrote:
>> Consider "morning star"....

The "morning star" I meant is the spiked mace or flail. That meaning is 
too obsolete for the Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary, but the 
unabridged lists it third, after (1) Venus and (2) the other planets 
that may appear in the early sky.

It's a translation of the German "morganstern" and also, the MW 
compilers cheerfully report, called a "holy water sprinkler."

Too much time under arms in the SCA - I assumed everybody would 
recognize the term without pausing for thought as a clear example of a 
weapon named with barbed humor, proving the possibility of my hypothesis 
about "misericord."

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