[LMB] From beginning of _V Companion

Walter Bushell proto at panix.com
Thu Nov 10 17:38:57 GMT 2016

Quoteth the Walter from _V Companion_
"I have to put on my face," she explained. Sad, and scary. But regardless of gender, almost everybody harbors some cripplement, emotional if not physical. You can't judge anybody—you never know what backbreaking secret burdens they may be carrying. There is scarcely a more universal appeal to the reader.
The most important feedback I've received from handicapped (and non-handicapped!) readers is the sense that my fiction is energizing for them. Somehow, watching Miles operate gives them the emotional edge they need to tackle, as I described it above, just one more damned day. I think it's a variant of the Dumbo-and-the-magic-feather effect. 

end quote

Yes, after my father had a heart attack a woman who accompanied my mother to the hospital was asked by the doctor “Do I know you?”.

She hadn’t put on her face, and she was distressed to go out in an emergency.

Damn, I thought I kew this one, but apparently I needed to be reminded again. 

Humans are the story telling animal par excellence. We turn everything into a story even science.  Pratchett describes this well in his Globe

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