[LMB] Alert warning for Kiwi listees

Helen Fenton hifenton at internode.on.net
Sun Nov 13 15:28:23 GMT 2016

> On 14 Nov 2016, at 1:52 AM, Helen Chapman <hungrycatco at gmail.com> wrote:
> .... From Blenheim NZ,  that was no 6.6 I knew it was over 7 when it was
> happening and it has since be re assessed at 7.5.  "Been there, done that,
> "several times in my life span  to date so am pretty good at off the cuff
> assessment of intensity when it comes to quakes.
> We are having continuous quakes of varying intensities every few minutes
> with loss of power and intermittent access to broadband and phone
> services.  I am plodding round my house picking up shards of glass and
> where it directly impinges on access in and out of rooms or the house,
> stacking bookcases -  it is a major disaster still unfolding,  Our little
> cul-de-sac has a little bit of a community get together and apart of a
> pretty stressed lady a couple of doors away, all seem cheerful despite the
> damage.  My brothers in Christchurch have both checked in, the damage down
> there is a lot lighter than here in the Marlborough Province although I
> feel for the folk in the Hanmer Springs in North Canterbury, we haven't to
> date heard from the really hard hit area there.  Enough to say that the
> first shake has triggered quakes from there through the North of the South
> Island and over quite a lot of the lower, central and east coast of the
> North Island.
> Helen Chapman

Thanks Helen, I'm glad you are ok . The news came through about upgrading the quake to 7.5 just after I sent my message.

I've been worried about friends of mine who are visiting in the Canterbury area. They went over the pond to visit their latest grandchild ( baby girl)  so I'm glad they were there to help their daughter with the new born and toddler grandson. If they had been over here when it happened they would have been going crazy.

Stay safe , let us know if you need anything and I hope you don't suffer another marmageddon.  ( Vegemite is much better)

Regards the Aussie Helen 

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