[LMB] Can anybody on the list read Korean?

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 20:14:27 GMT 2016

I've been working on the project of getting various foreign language
editions of Lois's books onto the vorkosigan wikia site (sublinks from the
still-awful-to-look-at Translations page), and I'm trying to improve the
information that I've put up. I'm managing all right, but it appears that
google translate is pretty hopeless at Korean, so I'm at a loss for
figuring out some details of information.

In particular, I'm pretty sure I have some translators's names in the pages
that I'm getting (no luck with names of cover artists, and I wish I had
that, so if anyone knows that answer I'd be delighted to learn it), but
google translate is having trouble parsing them.

Roughly, to find info about a book, I've learned that the fastest path is
to put the ISBN into a google search window and to start clicking the
various links that are offered.

My info on Korean is this: (all books published by SIAT)
    2013, 명예의 조각들 / myeong-yeui jogagdeul (Shards of Honor), ISBN
    2013, 바라야 내전 / balaya naejeon (Barrayar), ISBN 9788956372563
    2007, 마일즈의 전쟁 / mailjeuui jeonjaeng (The Warrior's Apprentice), ISBN
9788989571452, translated by 김상훈 (Sang-hun Kim)
    2013, 전사 견습 / jeonsa gyeonseub (The Warrior's Apprentice), ISBN
    2008, 보르 게임 / boleu geim (The Vor Game), ISBN 9788989571506, translated
by 김상훈 (Sang-hun Kim)
    2013, 보르 게임 / boleu geim (The Vor Game), ISBN 9788956372594
    2014, 마일즈의 유혹 / mailjeuui yuhog (Cetaganda), ISBN 9788956372709
    2014, 남자의 나라 아토스 / namjaui nala atoseu (Ethan of Athos), ISBN
    2014, 전장의 형제들/ jeonjang-ui hyeongjedeul (Brothers in Arms), ISBN
    2014, 무한의 경계 / muhan-ui gyeong-gye (The Borders of Infinity), ISBN
    2015, 미러 댄스 / mileo daenseu (Mirror Dance), ISBN 9788956373645
    2015, 메모리 / memoli (Memory), ISBN 9788956373706

I have translators for the 2007 and 2008 Warrior's Apprentice and Vor Game,
and I think some of the places I'm ending up are trying to give me that
info next to author's name field.

Can anybody help?

Karen Hunt
ps. Many thanks to aykwan for Chinese, Micki for Japanese, Markus Baur for
German, Mervi Hämäläinen for Finnish, Maxim Poddubny for Russian, and
<sorry but I forgot the name> for Hebrew.

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