[LMB] Can anybody on the list read Korean?

Fred Smith fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us
Sun Nov 13 22:18:29 GMT 2016

I know a young woman who is from Korea. I don't know if she has email,
so let me find that out first. if she does I can ask her if she would
be willing to assist you.

On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 03:14:27PM -0500, Karen Hunt wrote:
> I've been working on the project of getting various foreign language
> editions of Lois's books onto the vorkosigan wikia site (sublinks from the
> still-awful-to-look-at Translations page), and I'm trying to improve the
> information that I've put up. I'm managing all right, but it appears that
> google translate is pretty hopeless at Korean, so I'm at a loss for
> figuring out some details of information.
> In particular, I'm pretty sure I have some translators's names in the pages
> that I'm getting (no luck with names of cover artists, and I wish I had
> that, so if anyone knows that answer I'd be delighted to learn it), but
> google translate is having trouble parsing them.
> Roughly, to find info about a book, I've learned that the fastest path is
> to put the ISBN into a google search window and to start clicking the
> various links that are offered.
> My info on Korean is this: (all books published by SIAT)
>     2013, 명예의 조각들 / myeong-yeui jogagdeul (Shards of Honor), ISBN
> 9788956372556
>     2013, 바라야 내전 / balaya naejeon (Barrayar), ISBN 9788956372563
>     2007, 마일즈의 전쟁 / mailjeuui jeonjaeng (The Warrior's Apprentice), ISBN
> 9788989571452, translated by 김상훈 (Sang-hun Kim)
>     2013, 전사 견습 / jeonsa gyeonseub (The Warrior's Apprentice), ISBN
> 9788956372570
>     2008, 보르 게임 / boleu geim (The Vor Game), ISBN 9788989571506, translated
> by 김상훈 (Sang-hun Kim)
>     2013, 보르 게임 / boleu geim (The Vor Game), ISBN 9788956372594
>     2014, 마일즈의 유혹 / mailjeuui yuhog (Cetaganda), ISBN 9788956372709
>     2014, 남자의 나라 아토스 / namjaui nala atoseu (Ethan of Athos), ISBN
> 9788956372716
>     2014, 전장의 형제들/ jeonjang-ui hyeongjedeul (Brothers in Arms), ISBN
> 9788956372778
>     2014, 무한의 경계 / muhan-ui gyeong-gye (The Borders of Infinity), ISBN
> 9788956372761
>     2015, 미러 댄스 / mileo daenseu (Mirror Dance), ISBN 9788956373645
>     2015, 메모리 / memoli (Memory), ISBN 9788956373706
> I have translators for the 2007 and 2008 Warrior's Apprentice and Vor Game,
> and I think some of the places I'm ending up are trying to give me that
> info next to author's name field.
> Can anybody help?
> Karen Hunt
> ps. Many thanks to aykwan for Chinese, Micki for Japanese, Markus Baur for
> German, Mervi Hämäläinen for Finnish, Maxim Poddubny for Russian, and
> <sorry but I forgot the name> for Hebrew.
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