[LMB] Falling Free group read??

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 21 11:23:52 GMT 2016

From: Margaret Dean <margdean56 at gmail.com>

Either of those would be fine with me, but I would really like to finish up
the group read of GJ&RQ first! Could we maybe, possibly, do that? By my
reckoning we stalled out in Chapter 13.

GP:  I've just got Hanging Tree - go away, I'm READING!!!

But sorry about GJ&RQ, I know it's stalled, my fault. I did have some slight
connection issues with my computers (yes, they work in tandem at two houses
to all have problems at the same time.) Plus Christmas planning, volunteer
some other stuff.  And I have to do two lots of Christmas shopping - mine and
Mum's. I've threatened the family with Batman underpants if they don't give
me some useful hints. (Which does not include my nephew hijacking his fiance's
email account to tell me that she'd like a store card from a camping/fishing
store, and the same for him.)

Oh, and if anyone knows how to get rid of long, stringy algae slime in an outdoor
pond, preferably without killing the goldfish, please let me know.

See, this is why I read. Reading is calm and it takes you into wonderful different
worlds. My world is full of gardens that need watering because it's 35 degrees C
outside, bushfire warnings, magpies at the back door demanding to be fed,
slimy fishponds, endless Christmas shopping (not that I mind shopping), writer's
block, bolshy computers, and I can only find one of my favourite sandals. And
all those candy cane reindeer, which means I have to use the hot glue gun. Take
a moment to imagine me with a hot glue gun.

Sorry, this evolved into a primal scream. I may have overdone the Limoncello
tonight. I will try to get the discussion going again. Please overlook any
comments that seem slightly scattered.

Gwynne (Maybe I should take up meditation, or something.  Or just bite someone.)

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