[LMB] GJ&RQ - Ch 14 Part 2 - Miles gathers information

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Miles guards the kids after dinner while Cordelia and Ekaterin talk
gardens. Why is it that whenever Miles is on child duty there's a
certain expectation of riot and destruction? Odd, that. Actually
he's pretty good with them. And he'd be a fun sort of dad.

Miles catches Cordelia for a late-night chat. He's isolating and
questioning all the suspects, gathering information. He's frustrated
that Jole didn't give away much in their discussion (interrogation?)
After all, Aral and Cordelia trained him to deal with high-level
diplomacy. He's easily up to the same standard as Miles, and the
rest of them. (Vorkosigans are good at picking personnel - Jole,
Ekaterin, Cordelia.... they all bring something special to the family.)

I love watching Cordelia put Miles on the spot. Suddenly he's not
a dread Auditor, he's just a rather shifty kid. Cordelia tries to distract
him, deflect him, and drop some important information. Does it
very well (and I so love her idea of having a harem of men to give
foot rubs. Ohhh wow yes.)

Cordelia has a wonderful talent for moving on. All those roles she's

had, the things she's been and places she's lived and loved. Now
she has more plans - move the capital, resign, raise her girls, and
then... whatever comes next. Career, something else.... Cordelia
has a LOT more time than the Barrayarans, of course. Time is a

Cordelia remembers Miles's ability to poke things with a stick to
find out what's going on. Didn't work with wasps, it was one of the

few times he actually cried with pain as a child. Cordelia wiped out
the wasps. Once again, Cordelia as defending mother can be ruthless.

Cordelia mentions that Jole has a career decision to make. Miles
figures it out in seconds. And after all his doubts about their
relationship, Miles is outraged that Jole would romance his mother

and then leave.

Best line of the chapter: "I'm on your side," he grumbled, "If I could
figure out what it is."

Next best line: I just wish you'd be on my side more quietly,
somewhere else.

They discuss choices, and what Miles would do in the same
situation (he points out that it wouldn't be the same, of course)
and that he hadn't had to choose between career and a woman.
But he did make a decision that put his heart on the line, not
about a woman (I can think of a couple, which does he mean here?)

He offers to... er.... help resolve Jole's choices. Cordelia tries to
avoid heart failure while tactfully declining.

Jole brings Kaya and Fyodor to lunch the next day, to distract
Miles. Kaya is so very fortunate, working for Jole is a dream job.
And so useful for her future career.

And then she hits him with 'What do you want for your birthday?"
"No casualties." Which is a fine military response, but not very
useful as a gift suggestion. Jole tries to think; he's led a very
monastic life, he doesn't want much. Then he realises what he
wants is....again... time. Time to be alone, time with Cordelia, time
to study.

Fyodor tries to bridge the gap by asking Jole about his plans to
have a son. Eep. Side-step.

The picnic will have boot polo - 'Capture the Cetagandan's Head'.
Ah, tradition is a fine thing. Cordelia refused renaming it to
'Capture the Pretender's Head'. (There's a lot of loose heads
rolling around in Barrayaran history.)  Oddly, this leads to thoughts
about the medical tent.

While Jole and Fyodor are making a quick pit stop Fyodor warns
him that there are rumours about Jole and Cordelia. Take a deep
breath - confirm them. 'That's flying high, prole boy...'

But Aral taught him to fly.

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