[LMB] Forward Momentum!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 21 15:13:12 GMT 2016

I've just realised where Miles gets his Forward Momentum.


She's kept going from planet to planet, culture to culture,
through different careers and roles.

No matter what happens she moves on. Leaves a trail of
rolling heads and half-drowned psychologists (did Mehta
ever realise how lucky she was? Head in the fish tank is
better than head rolling down the hallway.)

She has a fairly long list of careers and roles in her life, and
has plans for several more, at least. She expects change,
even welcomes it, or at least hits it head-on. And she keeps

When things went badly wrong Aral would sink into booze,
wild living, outrageous behaviour. He'd wallow. Get almost
suicidal. Ges after his wife died, plum brandy on Kyril Island,
alcohol and lightflyers after Escobar.

Cordelia never wallowed. She dealt with it and kept going.

Forward momentum. Miles learned it from his mother.


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