[LMB] GJ&RQ - Ch 14 - Some random ideas

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Mon Nov 21 16:46:44 GMT 2016

On Nov 21, 2016, at 7:03 AM, Pat Mathews <MATHEWS55 at msn.com> wrote:
> "Miles is really twitchy." Oh, I know why. So did Shakespeare, who wrote am iconic play about that. "Someone is in bed with MY MOTHER?!?!?!?"

Oddly enough, when my mother remarried in '65, I must have been oblivious, naïve, or uncaring about that. Did I think about my mother and my step-father that way? Likely not, even though I knew a bit about procreation then. Being a good Catholic girl at the time, equating sex with fun or pleasure just didn't happen. Sitting through the awkwardness of "social health" aka sex ed, not what it is today, I came out of it not knowing what "petting" was, that sex might be fun, what an orgasm was (yes, really! and didn't really know my own until my junior year of college), or that there was repetitive motion involved in intercourse.

I wasn't a very dramatic or sexually curious child or adolescent. I just hoped my mom was happy.

Pat, you have my sympathy about that Farshlugginer/fershugena (I never heard an L in that word) interface.

Makes my complaints about iCloud's mail browser interface pale in comparison!

Hey! Yiddish has a word:
BERRYER: Denotes a woman who has excellent homemaking skills. Considered a compliment in the pre-feminist era.

Berryer. Barrayar. Russian-named?

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You may very well think so, but I couldn't possibly comment.

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