[LMB] GJ&RQ - Ch 14 - questions that Cordelia and Jole should ask

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Mon Nov 21 17:43:09 GMT 2016

Ekaterin is quite a resource. Perhaps Cordelia and Jole should be asking her
a lot more questions than they do. After all, she's managing six (though how
God only knows), with Miles as a visiting asteroid to most of the hard work
involved. How does Ekaterin have a life of her own? *Does* she have a life
of her own? She raised Nicholas almost entirely on her own with little help
from Tien--and now she's raising six. I'm sure that Miles would insist that
he's an involved dad, but would Ekaterin agree? Yes, I'm sure Miles is
involved--when he's home, and when he has time. From day to day? We know the
answer to that one. The last time Cordelia raised a child, she had only one,
even though he was special needs enough to suck up all her time. Does she
think six normal ones will be less hard? Does she plan on sleeping any time
in the first few years? How many servants does she plan to have? Six looks
doable with the lot that Ekaterin has, of course; anything looks doable if
you can manage to stick Ekaterin with the job. Cordelia and Jole, of course,
are likely to end up joint parents of the twelve, but in the early years
they are likely to wonder what in the blazes they were thinking. 

Although in one way it's a good idea--whoever succeeds Cordelia will be sure
she won't have time to meddle!

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