[LMB] GJ&RQ - Ch 14 - questions that Cordelia and Jole should ask

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Tue Nov 22 01:41:36 GMT 2016

From: "Jean Lamb" <tlambs1138 at charter.net>

Ekaterin is quite a resource. Perhaps Cordelia and Jole should be asking her
a lot more questions than they do. After all, she's managing six (though how
God only knows), with Miles as a visiting asteroid to most of the hard work
involved. How does Ekaterin have a life of her own?

Don't forget, Ekaterin is not only raising those six children plus Nikki, she's
also running her own very successful business, running the District very
effectively, being a top-level political hostess... and staying amazingly sane
and centred. And she's married to Miles, very happily, and has no problem
keeping him focussed and organised.

Yes, she has a team of servants. But wow she certainly makes use of all
her talents and time.

(Oh, and she saved the Empire twice. Three times if you count marrying
Miles and keeping him sane.)

You're so right, she's a major resource and pattern for how to do it all. And
by comparison Cordelia will have it easy - she's retiring to just raise the
children for a few decades. Although knowing Cordelia I'm sure she'll find
more to do - Oliver's university work will probably involve her too.

Six kids, and Oliver's three as well (and any more they have together, as
Miles suggested) - it's a TRIBE! Cordelia is building her own biological empire!
If she makes it through their childhoods, of course.


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