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> http://blog.dilbert.com/post/109880240641/sciences-biggest-fail
> ***Ouch! I still remember when the diet mavens were trying to get us all
> to eat a lot of what *my* parents' generation called "The cheap starchy
> foods that keep the poor pale, pudgy, and unhealthy." And how many of us
> fell for it. Which "sure enhances the finances of the followers of every
> weight loss club."
oh lord, the diet and exercise folks.

don't forget the dreaded bmi chart - which was originally created 1. about
white european males 2. by  statisticians 3.for life insurance predictions
but 4.is now used by doctors for everyone 5. and by gyms near the scales too

surprise, women and non white men don't always match their health to the
bmi chart
surprise, plenty of white men don't either

and i -know- the chart is not for me but i compare my height-weight to it
-anyhow- because it is there.

caps lock and shift key are on vacation
wish i was too

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