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Yup. That was my progenitors, and why my mom only kept 6 to 5 months, and only 3 born alive, out of 16 pregnancies. Possible other factor is of course the poisonous sperm donor's lack of control of his temper and "urges". My mom was battered even while she was pregnant.


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And didn't I read something about foetal blood crossing the placental 
barrier and the father's DNA donation as expressed in the blood 
components causing trouble beyond the whole rH +- issue? [ I am still 
baffled as to why they gave me the rhogram shot the third time around 
even when they went in and did a cut and burn tubal on me while I was 
still on the table after the D&E? Obviously I was *serious* about not 
wanting to *EVER* get pregnant again ...]

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It was obvious that the symbiont inside was gaining weight, and the host was losing weight.
With a completely dispassionate eye, a foetus is a parasite, not a
symbiont. :)
And the father’s genes want to take more resources from the mother and the mother passes
genes to reduce them as we would expect from evolutionary considerations.

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