[LMB] GJ&RQ 15 - Heck of a birthday celebration

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> “You may risk plague worms, fire radials, and sand rashes in the name of
> fashion if you choose. I’ll stick to my nice regulation shoes, thanks.”
All hail sensible granny-shoes, for men & women both.

> The birthday picnic is vast, with probably more than half the planet's
> population there. Military organisation for the facilities, lots of family
> barbecues scattered around, it's a big BIG event. I wonder - will it be
> somehow turned into an annual event? These people obviously need
> some excuse for a massive, regular celebration. And really, it sounds like
> a great day out.
> Heh. I wonder if someday there will be the Jole Day and people will assume
it means Jolly Day, and celebrate appropriately. And will it be, for some
reason, the day of dating people 'out of your tribe'? Gotta refresh the
bloodlines, ya know. And if Kommarran/Barrayaran/Cetagandan mix in the
cities, someone might date, gasp, someone who supports the wrong political
party/football team/icon-of-your-choice.

> I love the way Cordelia indulges ImpSec by allowing them to do their
> security routine. Few people see ImpSec agents as sweet kids who are
> trying hard.
> Remember, this is the lady who demanded that Simon Illyan introduce her to
"Captain Security" when he refused to give her info for security reasons

> They find the family, Miles is dancing with Simone. He'll pay for it later,
> in pain, but it's worth it. That sort of sums up Vorkosigan family history.
> Sigh. Yes.  And I've done the dance-now, pain-later scheme, and it is

> In his own weird way he's actually really good with the kids. Partly
> because he thinks like them, and partly because he regards parenting as a
> military campaign, and plans accordingly. He also treats his kids as people.
This.  A lot of parenting pitfalls can be avoided by dealing with
person-i-am-teaching-to-be-human and not

> Oliver's thoughts keep circling back to the decision. It's a brilliant
> offer, he'd be marvellous at it, he should jump at it. But he'd lose
> so much, too. (This dilemma is usually faced by women - family
> or career.)
I love this bit - and have just been reading meta about fan-fic, where
males are often put in female roles. (if there were more women on the show,
maybe that wouldn't happen?  or maybe it would.  I suspect it will be a
long time before we find out, sigh.)

> Then it turns out that times haven't changed so much after all, the
> Cetagandan tent was flattened by some boot polo players (I'm amazed
> that any of them could still walk). The police and MP's looked the
> other way.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Break the law? I
din't see no one break no law.

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to
sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.*Anatole
France <http://www.quotationspage.com/quotes/Anatole_France/>*, *The Red
Lily, 1894*

> Oliver yells 'COVER THE KIDS!' - instincts taking over. Then the
> world explodes and he puts his shirt around the twins and shelters
> them against himself.

Oliver as Mama Bear. What a way to jump-start a decision about career vs
kids ;)

> And what a poetic way to end the chapter:
> And then his world turned into a pelting rain of flaming snot.

I don't want to live there anymore, LOL


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