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Sun Nov 27 20:14:27 GMT 2016

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> Subject: [LMB] Footwear
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> wrote:
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> >> ?You may risk plague worms, fire radials, and sand rashes in the name of
> >> fashion if you choose. I?ll stick to my nice regulation shoes, thanks.?
> >>
> >>
> > All hail sensible granny-shoes, for men & women both.
> It?s nice to see people in retirement homes wearing safe sneakers, and the
> women who were brought up to wear only dresses and skirts, wear slacks.
> (although my wife prefers loafers even though she?s currently bruised from
> a fall).
> I?ve read in historical fiction of men mincing in the boots of the time
> which didn?t have the support that modern boots have.   These were rich
> people who really didn?t need to be able to walk a lot.   I wonder what
> they wore when they hunted on foot.  And what did sea officers wear?
> I wonder what improvements there will be in footwear, for people planet
> bound and in space ships.   (And in improved gloves for Quaddies).    I
> expect there will be better protection for people exploring new planets.

Having spent the last three years in barefeet or minimal footwear, I've
become very aware of how much regular shoes BIND my feet, or act as a sort
of cast. I would hope that future-shoes are much more mobile and allow for
(or facilitate) the development of ones foot and toe muscles rather than
their atrophy.

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