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On Sun, Nov 27, 2016 at 01:43:56PM -0500, Aruvqan wrote:
> Well ... I would be investigating the spinnable fibers - many plants
> have long staple fibers [hemp, flax, heck, you can even rett and
> spin *celery*] and there are certainly different forms of animal
> live - weren't the land crabs fuzzy? I know the hexaped 'deer' and
> 'cats' had fur. And different plants, insects and critters of
> various types can be turned into dyes. [think onion skin antique
> yellow, pokeberry purple,  cochineal insect red and murex shellfish
> purple for Earth]

would you believe my daughter saved dog fur, and had it spun into
yarn, from which she made some small shawls.

Yeah, it's a very long-coated dog, a Tibetan Mastiff. loses a whole
lot of fur when you comb him, especially in the summer.

Here's a photo of half the yarn spun into skeins. That's Apollo's
nose in the edge of the picture.


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