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Mon Nov 28 10:58:51 GMT 2016

>     Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> hat am 28. November 2016 um 10:30
> geschrieben:
>     From: Rachel <anglerfish at gmail.com>
>     Howard:
>     > I wonder what improvements there will be in footwear, for people planet
>     > bound and in space ships. (And in improved gloves for Quaddies). I
>     > expect there will be better protection for people exploring new planets.
>     Rachel:
>     Having spent the last three years in barefeet or minimal footwear, I've
>     become very aware of how much regular shoes BIND my feet, or act as a sort
>     of cast. I would hope that future-shoes are much more mobile and allow for
>     (or facilitate) the development of ones foot and toe muscles rather than
>     their atrophy.
>     Gwynne: Ah the joys of summer! Now I can go barefoot most of the time,
> although
>     bindies mean I need shoes when I'm walking on the grass. But it's so nice
> not to need
>     shoes, and just slip on sandals when necessary. Free the feet! (And yes,
> summer.
>     Here on the correct continent it's heading into full hot summer, ready for
> a blazing
>     Christmas.)

and no fear that a creepy-crawly might lurk in the gras, getting ready to much
on your toes?



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