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I think like many things, it depends.
1. If vat meat is actually derived from vegetable and artificial
ingredients (think nutritional yeast, soy, plus other stuff)    then it
isn't real meat and should be kosher.  Some people might not eat vat pork
or shell fish out of tradition.
2. If it is derived from an animal sample that was taken without killing or
harming the animal (think like a DNA cheek swab), then it could be
considered kosher. Some might debate this.
3. If an animal had to be killed to get the original sample, than it could
only be considered kosher if the animal was slaughtered following kosher
ritual. Other vat meat lines would not be considered kosher.

In case 2 and 3, pork would still not be kosher because the issue is not
how the pig was slaughtered; the issue is the essential pigness of it.   If
the animal is not a kosher animal, than vat meat derived from it is still
not kosher.  Vat meat imitating it (case 1) could be.  In all cases
scholars will spend centuries discussing it.

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> So, is vat pork kosher? The meat, after all, never was part of a pig.
>> The only SF I've seen that comes close was "The 'R' Strain" which was
>> about pigs that were ruminants (chewed their cud) and therefore are
>> permitted.
>> Any thoughts?
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> NO vat meat would be kosher. To meet the laws of Kashruth, the animal must
> have cloven hoofs and chew its cud. Synthetically grown meat would not meet
> those criteria.
> Harvey
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