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> In the far future of the Vorkosiverse, will any one actually care about
> religious dietary restrictions?
> I'm pretty sure that the Arab-colonized planet briefly referenced doesn't
> have people that pray in the direction of Mecca.

I'm not so sure of that... Text in Brothers in Arms doesn't say, actually,
but praying in the direction of earth's solar system would be doable and a
likely substitute. The text there does say the visitor had come to earth
partly to do his hajj, after all:

Brothers in Arms, chapter 1:
More war-scarred than Barrayar, as technically advanced as Beta Colony, the
end-point of all pilgrimages both religious and secular—in light of which,
major embassies from every world that could afford one were collected here.

Brothers in Arms, chapterh 4:
The afternoon's political-social event was a reception and dinner in honor
of a visit to Earth of the Baba of Lairouba. The Baba, hereditary
head-of-state of his planet, was combining political and religious duties.
After completing his pilgrimage to Mecca he had come to London for
participation in the right-of-passage talks for the Western Orion Arm group
of planets.

Karen Hunt

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