[LMB] Kosher

Walter Bushell proto at panix.com
Mon Nov 28 21:45:02 GMT 2016

> On Nov 28, 2016, at 4:26 PM, Karen Hunt <huntkc at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not so sure of that... Text in Brothers in Arms doesn't say, actually,
> but praying in the direction of earth's solar system would be doable and a
> likely substitute. The text there does say the visitor had come to earth
> partly to do his hajj, after all:

Furthermore, even Herself recognizes that the physics of the Nexus is bogus.

It’s recognized that same time on different sides of a wormhole is an arbitrary convention.

Perhaps by careful choice of routes one can travel into the past or future, nay it seems this
is almost inevitable given FTL travel. Enjoy the biology and commentary on the human condition 
of the Nexus, but this future will thank goodness never happen. (It requires the wiping out 
of the US at least in a nuclear war, which I would find regrettable.

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