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> > It's interesting how little religion comes up in the Vorkosiverse, isn't
> > it.  Cordelia is apparently some kind of Christian; we see Barrayaran
> > ancestor-veneration; Eli Quinn curses with vague gods, and some
> pilgrimage
> > to Mecca.
> >
> > Are there other examples I'm forgetting?
> If it doesn’t figure in the plots, it hardly comes up. There is hardly any
> if any mention
> of professional or even college level sports in the stories, for example.
> There could be
> al sorts of religion on Barrayar and we wouldn’t know. Perhaps Herself
> doesn’t know.
> There is the burning of death offerings, which is at least quasi religious.

One other I can name: In Falling Free, Sondra Yei is fond of saying "Lord
Krishna", so she's probably some form of Hindu.

It's also been noted that the Cetagandan ceremony, Singing Open The Great
Gates, has strong similarities to the Wiccan ceremony "Singing Open the
Western Gates".

Karen Hunt

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