[LMB] FW: December Birthdays coming up!

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Tue Nov 29 06:35:49 GMT 2016

Forwarding for those who don't get Micki's emails...:)

Jean Lamb
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I'll be tixie-ing for the December birthdays, and I know not everyone gets my emails. So, if you are on the December Birthday List, and you see this only as a forward from Jean, you should probably visit the Mailing List Archives to see the Birthday Messages: http://lists.herald.co.uk/pipermail/lois-bujold/ Alternatively, if you contact me ahead of time, I can cc: you at the email address you give me.

(-: If you get a double-post from both Jean and me, then you'll be perfectly fine. 
(Knock wood.) 

Looking forward to a bunch of Solstice-Festa birthdays! (Oh, and if you have a December birthday and would like to be on the list, contact either Jean Lamb or me, offlist or onlist. Please include the name you want used, your birthdate and year, and any other info you think would be helpful to a Tixie.)


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