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Tue Nov 29 13:27:30 GMT 2016

On the decision of something being kosher ..

What is the saying? Two Jews, Three Opinions? =)

Not being particularly religious, it doesn't matter to me but I can see 
it being the center of a serious argument of a number of groups. I am 
not sure that you can get the flavor from DNA splicing into a bacteria, 
I envision something like Chicken Little from the book [a large tumor 
mass that slabs of meat is sliced off of] or thin layers meat-glued 
together into cutlets that is actually cultured cells from whichever 
critter is on the menu. I do know there will be more than enough time 
for the debates as I can't see vat meat in grocery store level 
production for at least 20 years. I can see 'soylent' cracker type foods 
[the 'green' were supposed to be soy and lentil with algae ... oops.] 
and more experiments into the 'soylent' meal substitute or Purina Human 
Chow where more and more of the lower income people are issued something 
like a humane ration that isn't like the ones now [last humane ration I 
sampled was vegetarian and had 2 entrees, 1 'snack' that was peanut 
butter and strawberry jam with pilot biscuits and 'reasonably' 
palatable. I couldn't eat one entree as it had mushrooms, and the other 
was a curry with coconut milk in it which I also normally can't eat but 
doesn't put me into anaphylaxis so for the conference I ate it and dealt 
with the following bathroom issues. If I had been in a camp I would have 
had to find someone to swap packages with me to get meals I could eat, 
or subsist on PBnCrackers that I traded my entrees for. ]

On 11/28/2016 9:18 PM, Michael Bauminger wrote:
> This assumes that vat meat is considered "meat" for kashrut purposes, 
> which is in itself debatable.

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