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do we have a muslim on the list?

afaik the rule is "shortest great circle direction to Mekka" - i.e. its not
direct line (which would point through the earth), but the way one would have to
travel (along the earth's surface)

by analogy that would mean to bow towards the wormhole that delivers the
shortest trip to Mekka (that would be the equivalent to "great circle route" in
nexus space)

the possible alternative would be to to take the normal space direction to sol
and bow to that

in both cases you would project that line pointing somewhere in 3D space (lets
say 45 degrees up into the sky) onto the 2D surface you are standing on and use
that as the closest approximation you can actually bow to - note that is  also
the exact relationship between the "real direction" to mekka (pointing through
the earth's body) and the great circle route (which is the projection of that 3D
route onto the 2D of the earth surface)




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>     > This is getting very complex. What is a straight line in Vorkosigan
>     > space?
>     > What about if you have to go through a wormhole to get to Mecca?
>     Whatever the religious leaders decide it is. Note that nobody bows
> straight down when Mecca is under one.
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