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> > -NO vat meat would be kosher. To meet the laws of Kashruth, the animal
> > must have cloven hoofs and chew its cud. Synthetically grown meat would
> not
> > meet those criteria.
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> The question is, it it actually meat? Or just synthetic protein mixed with
> flavoring?

I think it would depend if it is classed as an animal or an animal
substitue and where it came from.

Even if the first time was from a real pig, and then it was diluted down
and down, maybe by 20 generations later, it would no longer be considered
to be a not kosher animal.

Today there are mock all sorts of things, and if they originate from soya
or tofu, one can eat them.

However, I will share an interesting fact Irecently learnt; apart from
everything else, the Pig was the emblem of one of the Roman legions who
wiped out the second temple, another reason it became so objectionable


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