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> On Nov 29, 2016, at 10:21 PM, baur baur<baur at chello.at>  wrote:
> put (slightly sour) apples with the onions .. yum ..
> Do you mean tart? The kind which are best for pies? Examples are Granny Smith, most modern Pippins.
> Marina

One of my standard savory pies around here is called "Cornish Pie" from 
the Scottish Women's Rural Society cookery book, and uses equal weights 
of Lamb or Mutton, Apples and Onions.

Meanwhile, back at the original topic "Kosher": Of course, this is under 
consideration by those who make the rulings. Preliminary findings seem 
to be No, Yes and Maybe. I'm still looking for some good Halal discussions.





Also, Hello Again, I have not been active on the list for a long time 
but I'm back. For a little anyway. Still reading the list on and off, 
reading the Penric books avidly!


Susan Fox / Ma Foxti

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