[LMB] October Birthday Tixie arrives!

Kris lynnia at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 04:43:35 BST 2016

Thank you! What an exciting adventure! My family birthday was a quiet thing
as I'm recovering from the kind of cold that means I don't sleep much and
brain even less, though we did have a nice lunch :)

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, M. Haller Yamada <thefabmadamem at yahoo.com>

> The October Birthday Tixie arrives carrying hard hats, metal detectors,
> shovels,
> brushes and a lot of other mysterious clanking tools in a canvas bag. She
> drops the
> bag with a clatter, and stops a minute to catch her breath.
> Today, Kris, we are going only a short distance from Greenwell Town to the
> House of
> Jurald . . . Penric's childhood home! After a picnic, we've been allowed
> to muck
> around there today in all the mud of the seasonal changes with our
> equipment. The
> whole family has turned out, and although initially suspicious of our
> tools, they
> are soon enchanted with the beeping noises and blinking lights. Your metal
> detector
> starts squeeing insistently . . . we overturn a very old foundation stone.
> "Ah,
> that's where the old house was before it burned down 250 years ago," the
> Lord of
> Jurald said. He heads over, and pretty soon everyone's metal detectors are
> beeping.
> Under the stone, you find an old cracked vase, and inside that . . . a
> tiara --
> diamonds and sapphires set in gold! It's a beautiful treasure. One after
> another,
> the others come up with treasures galore, and in the happiness of the
> moment, they
> generously let you keep your tiara as a momento of the lovely day.
> Wishing you a happy birthday in and out of your imagination! (An explosion
> of Tixie
> Dust, and we are all home again.)
> --
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