[LMB] GJ&RQ - A start for Ch 12

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 23:09:13 BST 2016

1. Cordelia and Miles have a late-night insomniac conversation. He finally
learns about Aral and Ges from 60 years ago.

Contest question: guess what Miles's top three bonehead actions are? We get
one hint.
  Advice from Cordelia: "Forgive as you would be forgiven, and whatever you
want to say, don’t leave it for too late.”
  Response from Miles: A dry laugh. “That last was one of my top three,

2. Cordelia has a day of work. Plas-Dan wants to charge a lot (in demands
for support rather than direct pricing) for the right to do construction at
Gridgrad-to-be. She puts off her response to that, while making a second
try with help requests out to Mark and some friends in Vorbarr Sultana and
one on Komarr. We learn she doesn't get along well with the mayor of
Kareenburg or at least one member of the town council, at least partly
because they don't want to see their city get abandoned. Not even if a
volcano is offering to destroy it soon.

I'm not sure what her point is about Kareenburg lacking a Leonardo da Vinci
or Michelangelo - they don't have the time/energy/money to keep a
population of artists going yet. (She'll say as much to our young
Cetagandan idiot later when she says she'll take him so long as he takes up
plumbing, not art.) This is very much a frontier world...

Kareenburg: population 40000 (1/50 of total population on planet, which is
2 million). 5000 want the city to keep its glory and centralness. That's a
pretty good fraction of the voting-age adults, as a note (I don't know the
likely family sizes, though it's a good bet the average age of a Sergyaran
is fairly young). I guess having an internet makes signature-collecting
easier. Their kids all understand about the volcano, it seems. Don't at
least some of the adults want to protect their kids more than they want
their investments to do well? Though I suppose maybe the smarter people
(49/50 of planetary population) decided to live elsewhere for good reasons.

3. Cordelia and others visit the Prince Serg on its way to mothball-limbo.
The three oldest kids are invited, along with Freddie Haines, their
non-babysitter. Miles won't tell classified stories even when it's
semi-pointless. We learn the Vervani made lots of holodramas about the
Hegen Hub War.

4. Jole tells Cordelia about his new job offer. She tries for objective
sounding board, with some success. At least she's not asking about his
personal kinks, this time...

My personally-most-meaningful GJ&RQ quote comes from this chapter:
The same set of facts… can be presented neutrally, can be spun up into
hype, or can be deployed in a way that is damaging and hurtful, depending
on the agenda of the person recounting them.

Karen Hunt

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