[LMB] Birthday Tixie October 8

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 8 10:13:24 BST 2016

Hoorah! After a good breakfast, we've gotten back on our horses and left the little 
Lady School, and we're just a short way from Martensbridge! Today, we'll have a 
nice, easy pace, and then we can relax in the relative splendor of Martensbridge 
and have some nice baths, and some really fancy meals and . . . .


I thought things were going a little too well. The evil-looking bandit king, in 
his satin coat and tatted lace, tells us to stand and deliver. But much to our 
party's relief, Francis comes to the rescue. He skillfully negotiates with the 
aristo-shabby thugs, with the help of the cannon he's been dragging along on our 
journey. SOME people have said snide things in the past about the artillery that 
Francis insisted on bringing all the way from his home in Darthaca, but I think 
we are all quite glad now that he's brought it along. It's the most modern 
technology, and I'm sure its sleek and threatening aspect had something to do 
with it not having to be shot. The would-be robber barons drop their firearms and 
flee for the hills, leaving behind their horses and their booty, which we 
promptly divvy up. 

Amongst the little trinkets and coins, there's a gold medallion -- 10 cm. across! 
-- etched with a ram's horn and beautiful scrolls, and we all insist that Francis 
should have it for his bravery. After all the excitement, we break out the 
emergency tea and cakes that we packed, and enjoy an impromptu birthday party 
here on the banks of the Linnet before heading over to Martensbridge. 

A very happy birthday in real life to you, too, Francis! And if you happen to be 
in Japan right now, I hope you are enjoying the three-day weekend!

With a light dusting of Tixie dust to sweeten our ride, we remount our horses and 
head for Martensbridge at last. 

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