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>> (top posting, leaving the below for reference)
>>> LMB:  These are mostly the right kind of territory, but I can't use
>>> photographs, pix in an obviously modern painting style (which may also
>>> not
>>> yet be public domain), pix with modern objects -- telephone lines, cars,
>>> motor boats, whatever -- in them, or pix with too many figures (such that
>>> they cannot be cropped out) in the wrong kind of historical dress.
>>> Viz the latter, the image I used for "Penric's Demon" had two figures in
>>> very 19th C. costume, but the were in the right foreground and could be
>>> cropped, leaving the castle formerly in the background to take center
>>> stage.
>>> The ideal picture in my head indeed has the sea in the foreground, but
>>> they seem to be rare, for the probable reason of where would the artist
>>> stand?
>> I'll take one more try - these (like the first one I put up) are Italian
>> rather than Greek, but I kind of figure the Greek equivalents in 5 Gods
>> might take on some Italian properties due to the lack of an Italy...
>> http://www.architecturerevived.com/italian-renaissance-at-sm
>> ithsonian-museum-of-art/
>> The second and third pictures seem possible, though the better one (the
>> third), is from the wrong perspective.
> the second one - yes
> the third one does not look mediterranean at all (to my eyes, that might
> be maladjusted from all the sailing i did in the adria and the aegis) - and
> the title says: Pirna, sonnenstein, which is in Saxony
Silly artists, travelling around like that.... you'd think they'd stay put
and make pictures only of what's nearby... <grumbles foolishly about the

I've seen some other possibilities, but I don't have a clear idea what's
going to work and what isn't. I'm mostly looking for hill+fortified
something+water, with some reason to believe it's from Italy or Greece or
somewhere in the vicinity.

Many paintings by Fracesco Guardi look like they might work out, but I
don't really know (google search for him, then click images).
Likewise, the fortress of Bourtzi (actually in Greece for a change) has
some pictures that might be workable, with cropping, but mostly the
mountains/hills beyond the fortress look pretty barren. The pictures tend
to focus on the water, putting sailboats and such around it.

Karen Hunt

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