[LMB] Regrets, Miles had a few.....

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 9 03:42:26 BST 2016

Contest question: guess what Miles's top three bonehead actions are? We get
one hint.
  Advice from Cordelia: "Forgive as you would be forgiven, and whatever you
want to say, don?t leave it for too late.?
  Response from Miles: A dry laugh. ?That last was one of my top three, actually.?

GP: I've been trying to think of Miles's possible mistakes. The problem is that
most of his bad actions led eventually to a good outcome.

Lying about his seizures and getting bounced from ImpSec? If he hadn't done
that he wouldn't have become an Auditor, and wouldn't have met and married
Ekaterin. Wouldn't have had the children...

Letting Bothari die? Possible. But he knew the man very well, he knew that
Bothari accepted his death at that time. Reviving him would have caused more
pain for Elena Visconti, and probably made serious difficulties for Elena's marriage
to Baz. And if Elena hadn't married Baz and stayed with the Dendarii she
wouldn't have been on the spot to rescue Miles and Gregor later....

Losing his temper and breaking his legs during the Academy try-outs? But that
led to the trip to Beta and the creation of the Dendarii....

And so it goes. As Cordelia noted, changing your life choices would wipe out
a lot of people. It'd probably create others, but you don't know them. There
aren't many of Miles's actions that don't lead to something good, eventually.

All I can think of is that he didn't stop to talk to Aral when he went past on the
way to Kibou-Daini. He can't even regret not getting back there sooner, because
if he'd left earlier then Jin's mother wouldn't have been revived.

Gwynne (Still thinking....)

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