[LMB] Oh, for pity's sake, Ursula!

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> >
> > How nice. What a lovely thing to happen!  I shall send e-flowers.
> >
> >
> > But oh, why did she have to say this?
> > “I don’t want to be reduced to being ‘the sci-fi writer.’
> >
> > Yes you should be a sci-fi author, in addition to being a fabulous
> author,
> > because as we all know, women don't/can't/haven't write SF.  Except when
> > they do, and then its not real SF.
> >
> Maybe it's just the term "sci-fi" she objects to. In the days when I was
> first a fan, that term was definitely declasse, used only for B-films shown
> on late night TV. "SF" was preferred ... and if you had to use the other
> one, you pronounced it "skiffy."  :)

Sylvia: considering how women are written out of SF's history, a long-term
author saying she's not part of the genre is just painful, no matter the
terminology.  Literally written out - the intro to this book of short
stories was terribly painful.

*Women of Futures Past: Classic Stories*

(my review here & here)


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