[LMB] Narnia, Susan and Reaction (was: Re: GJ&RQ - A start for Ch 12)

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> Suddenly I'm reminded of High King Peter, Queen Susan, King Edmund, and
> Young Queen Lucy, who suddenly have to go back to being children, and told
> what to do.  Must have been tough. 

Aaand this is actually why I think Susan denies Narnia.  Because she had been adult and Queen and In Charge... and then suddenly she wasn't anymore... and then they DID go back to Narnia, to assist a revolution... and then they're back in powerlessness and there is NO WAY BACK to Queenhood... I'd pretend it had all been a dream too.  Because otherwise, trapped in the 1950s with the 1950s attitudes to women and the memory of being a free Queen with no one over her, any sane woman would go completely mad.
(I have a lot of feelings about Susan.)

I think Lucy didn't have the same trouble because Lucy had been *Young* Queen Lucy, not the Senior Queen.  She was a queen who still had to do what Queen Susan and King Peter told her.  It was less of an adjustment because she was never without an authority to answer to.

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