[LMB] Regrets, Miles had a few.....

Corrina Lawson corrinaannelawson at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 01:19:28 BST 2016

Regrets by Miles?

I would imagine it's what has already been suggested, that he didn't let
Imp Sec know where he was going with Tien in Komarr. He did seem to still
view that as a mistake, given his words in Civil Campaign.

It also seems that he regrets not talking to Aral at some point about
something. Or perhaps he's thinking about Bothari and his naive view that
Bothari and Elena's mother should meet again. Though, of course, unraveling
that thread could change so much about his life.

I also wonder if he's thinking about his relationship with Mark, which
still seems a bit tense.


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